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Small Business Equipment Strategies to Preserve Cash

These ideas are a subset expansion of the blog post, US Small Business: Cash Flow Strategies for 2011, originally posted 4/14/2011, to elaborate on Business Equipment strategies


Small business owners are scratching their heads these days and wondering if it is now safe to actually grow their businesses.  Many are seeing rising sales for products and services, but are skeptical as to whether this good fortune is here to stay.  So now, the rock is the customer orders, and the hard place is the capacity to deliver on customer promises, and the small business owner is smack dab in between. Read More…

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Leasing vs. Buying Business Equipment

Does it make more sense to lease business equipment or buy business equipment?  As we slowly and tentatively ease into what the talking heads on TV are calling an economic recovery, you may be thinking about upgrading that outdated processing equipment and getting a new machine that’s better and faster.  Perhaps you even see your backlog increasing again and you’re realizing you have ridden your existing capacity until the wheels are falling off, and if you want to grow the business, you need some equipment.  It might be wet process equipment, machine shop stuff, forklifts or new PCs for the office, and depending on what it is, your situation and plans, there are a several options to consider so that you can put the equipment in place and start using it, immediately.

Leasing equipment is generally a better option for manufacturers who have limited out-of-pocket capital and where business needs require upgrading equipment every few years.  Read More…

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