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The Fire Your Customers Myth: How to Fire a Customer the Right Way

The Customer is Always Right.  Isn’t that what we’ve been told?  If you’re in business, you know how preposterous that statement is.  The customer isn’t always right, the customer is often wrong.  Worse yet, you know it, he knows it, and he knows you know it.  This mantra was ramrodded down the throat of American business in the eighties (nineteen-eighties, that is) and early nineties that we became sick of living the lie.  So what happened?  Well, for the past five or six years it has become vogue to fire your customers—that is, those customers who are not profitable or are a pain in the…neck.  The worm has truly turned.  Sweet emotional release is achieved when you can stand proudly before your support group, chin high and twinkle in your eye, and utter, “I just fired a customer!”  A hearty round of applause is bestowed upon you, as if you just announced you have been alcohol and drug free for six months.

Watch out!  There is a need for caution and I’ll tell you why.  Read More…

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