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How to Use Technology to Improve Workforce Management

Workforce Management, Workforce Management technologyOne of the most important areas of running a company regardless of its size is workforce management. You may not have consciously made the decision to undertake this task, but it is almost certain that you have done so without even realizing it! Thanks to the latest in technological advances, it is now easier than ever before to handle this part of your day to day operations. Read More…

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7 Steps to Correcting Bad Egg Employees and Keep Your Wits!

A fortnight ago I was consulting with a small business owner who had more orders than he could reasonably handle.  Let’s call him Mac.  I suggested that he hire an additional set of hands to help with the workload.

“Look Mac, why don’t you pick up an employee or two to help out?”

“No way, brother.  Mama didn’t raise no fool!  Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck?  A bird in the hand—“

“STOP!  I get it.  What’s the big aversion to hiring someone?”

“Well, if I hire someone, what do I do when they screw up?  I’m just not good at dealing with employees.  They’re nothing but trouble.”

It was then that I realized how much pain the average small businessperson has in dealing with problem employees.  Read More…

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