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Data Migration: Oracle vs. Open Source

Making a data migration of business information from Oracle to another software is an involved process. Small businesses that are displeased with Oracle’s performance or the expense of licensing and support will find many options available in other relational database management systems. However, you must consider that not all databases will meet your needs. Before completing that transition, it’s essential to consider your needs as a small business and how a new database will meet them. Read More…

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Your Small Business and the Bubble Economy: Strategies for Success

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and playing poker with salamanders you are aware that the American economy, indeed the world economy, is in a state of uncertainty, to say the least.  There are some signs of recovery, but there is convincing evidence that since 2008, nearly all fiscal recovery has come from massive governmental money printing, and that spells trouble long term with a capital T.  Here are 8 key strategies for you as a small business owner or entrepreneur to consider in the next 12-24 months. Read More…

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The Steady Progression Of DID Numbers

By Patricia H. Valtierra

One phone service that is rising in popularity today is known as DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers. Both business owners and individuals are choosing to use these numbers for a variety of reasons each day. With the acquisition of these numbers, a company or person is given a set of their own trunk numbers. This will save you money because you have no need to hire additional employees to take care of your telephone calls.

So what can DID numbers do for you? Read More…

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5 Smart Strategies for Debt-Free Small Businesses

The following guest blog provides ideas for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups to plan and preserve cash flow.

Every single day new business ventures are being created.  Some of them will succeed and many will not.  What separates them?  Many entrepreneurs make a great start with the help of ample resources and capital but ultimately falter along the way without proper planning. They fall into debts and require a debt consolidation loan to fix finances. The new business owners that survive and thrive follow certain strategies that increase their likelihood of success and preserve King Cash. Read More…

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The Limited Life Cycle Business

limited life cycle business, business life cycle, life cycle productWe’ve all heard the terms life cycle product and business life cycle before, used to describe the natural, measurable and recognizable stages that a business goes through.  As business owners we all want our products and services to last, to ride that pony until her knees buckle.  Many times, we don’t know how long that is, so we hope for the best.   An increasing number of entrepreneurs today are designing entire business units around trends in the marketplace that have a limited life-span—and they know it in advance!  Keep reading to learn to see if you have the talents, resources and stomach to build your own limited life cycle business again and again and again. Read More…

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6 Business Lessons from Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks

The coming out party for Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks is now official, as last night they rolled up Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat to take the NBA finals in 6 games.  The story lines in this series ranged from Lebron gone missing in the fourth quarter of much of the finals to Nowitzki playing with a 101 fever and a sinus infection in one of the games.  In fact the Mavericks were a fascinating watch all through the overdrawn NBA playoffs, as they impress you as a throwback, seemingly the oldest team playing professional basketball.  Chalk one up for those old geezers, by NBA standards, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry.

So why I am writing about this in a business blog?  Well, sports have long served as metaphors for business because of how simple things tend to be in sports.  Business has so much noise that we often lose the essence of what is important.  Here are six lessons to be learned from Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks: Read More…

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