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Promoting Your Digital Products: 5 Best Practices for Content Creators

Part 1 of a 2 part series

digital product promotion, digital content marketingThe realm of cheaper and cheaper software, hardware and computing memory has given hundreds of millions of people the potential to write and self-publish books, produce videos, music and spoken word audio. If you have anything at all to say, there is a good chance that you can manage to get it down in a tangible enough layout to sell, and if it is good content, there is a market for it. But what are successful ways to steer customers with open wallets to it with the billions of competing digital products out there? This two-part series will present you 10 methods to get the word out and the revenue in. Read More…

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Video Marketing–Sizzle or Steak? Depends on the Video Type

video marketing, video content, video length, video qualityIf you’ve been reading my posts on web video and video marketing, you know that there are a lot of factors to consider when using video to promote your website, social media profile, and services at large.  You may have read this post on The Elite 8 about the best types of video promotion for small business.  This post will quickly take a look at the key things relative to video technical quality, video content and video length you need to know. Read More…

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What Will You Do for $5? Buying & Selling Five Bucks at a Time on Fiverr

In the United States most of us have heard of the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree, where you can get various things like placemats and plastic food containers for $1.  Cost cutting creativity is a critical skill in the current global economy.  In the world of service creativity, let me tell you about a website where people post offers of what they will do for $5.  It’s called Fiverr and it is changing the way worldwide freelance gigs work.  For the average small business person who has some tasks she needs done (think social media) but doesn’t have the time, you might be surprised at what you find. Read More…

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Using LinkedIn Polls to Connect with Business

LinkedIn has gone beyond simply being a place for wannabe unemployed dudes to hang out waiting for the next big break.  It’s a way for business professionals to hang out and engage like-minded others and find the people out there who demonstrate expertise in their niches on a daily basis.

Peoples’ opinions make for good content.  If you read my eBook LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Maximum Exposure, you know that in the chapter on Applications I mention polls on LinkedIn but didn’t have a lot of detail to go with it.  Here is a bit more on LinkedIn polls and how to use them. Read More…

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Non-Traditional Traditional Marketing: Word of Mouth and Social Media Tips

Why Traditional Marketing Fails

Billions are spent each year on marketing campaigns that end up leaving the clients who finance it dissatisfied or, worse yet, broke.  A ton of time and resources are spent on pointless brand awareness (this is not saying that all brand awareness is pointless) that doesn’t connect to buying habits of the public, humor for humor’s sake, and even targeting too large an audience and diluting the efforts.  We’ve all heard stories of startups who spent millions on Super Bowl TV spots that got a good laugh and initial buzz, but didn’t provide sustainable revenues to support the eventual Chapter 11 superstar.  Good marketing today is non-traditional marketing, with steps to measure marketing agencies and partners, leverage and create word of mouth marketing opportunities, and tapping traditional tactics as well as the new social media marketing of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Interview with Adair Witmer of The “W” Partners

I interviewed Adair Witmer of The “W” Partners on non-traditional marketing approaches, including social media marketing, word of mouth marketing, and ways to measure marketing effectiveness when choosing a marketing agency.  The “W” Partners uses the same virtual approach to talent delivery as Smart Company Growth, making use of best-of-breed vertical market or horizontal functional specialists.

Read More…

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Marketing for Search Engines

As more and more people jump online and get comfortable with the ease of plunking down their credit card for purchases, it is becoming apparent that traditional marketing means of direct mail, advertising , and telemarketing just won’t be enough to get your small business over the top.  Changes in the world that Small Business now sees are nothing short of mind-blowing.  If you want to get your business, product or service noticed, you need to be Marketing for Search Engines (SEM) and on board with the Social Media Impact on Business.  Online tools today have changed the game and created  new rules for information exchange and information commerce.   Software as a service applications, better known as SAAS, are bringing everything from Aunt Sadie’s bookkeeping services to your kid’s martial arts training regimen online as part of the mysterious but ever-expanding Cloud.  Your business needs to be visible in the cloud, and marketing for search engines is your primary tactic of being found.

Interview with Ira Wolfe

The final piece of my Skype video interview with Ira Wolfe of Interview with Ira Wolfe of Success Performance Solutions gets into the final 3 C’s of Marketing for Search Engines, including the most important piece of the puzzle—consistency.

The 4 C’s of SEM

As my VBlog guest Ira Wolfe sums it all up, here are the 4 Top Guidelines you need to know about successful Marketing for Search Engines (search engine marketing, SEM): Read More…

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How Social Media Helps Small Business

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, watching movies, or listening to any radio station in 2011 you know that Social Media impact is all the buzz, but how does social media help small business?  Social Media clearly is a phenomenon, and it is demonstrating every day the way Gen X and Gen Y communicate and need to be marketed to.  Whether Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube survive another five years or not is irrelevant and misses the point.  Some form of social discourse where everyone can feel important and be the star of their own little cyber worlds will take their places.  Your small business use of Social Media Marketing is a primary means today of Marketing for Search Engines.

Interview with Ira Wolfe

Part 2 of my  video interview with Ira Wolfe of Success Performance Solutions, tells about the benefits of a solid approach to Marketing for Search Engines, and how making time for SEM and doing it the right way can eliminate cold calling forever for Small Business owners!  And even for time strapped entrepreneurs, there are ways to make this happen for less than alternative sales and marketing approaches. 

Social Media as a Strategy

Facebook started out as a dorm room communication laboratory for some college kids.  Twitter began to please and extend the vanity of celebrities and athletes.  LinkedIn is a meeting place for the white-collar jobless and the recruitment world.  Times they are a changing, folks, and as the CEOs of these sites ante up for their coveted spots on the cover of Time Magazine (online version of course), they aren’t ignoring businesses. Read More…

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Social Media Impact on Business

Not since the industrial revolution overtook the stoic, agrarian lifestyle of the farm economy in the mid-1800s have we witnessed world events converge to totally change the economy.  Changes in the world that Small Business now sees are nothing short of mind-blowing.  If you want to get your product or service noticed, you need to be Marketing for Search Engines (SEM) and on board with the Social Media Impact on Business.  New technologies have led to new tools, resulting in new rules for finding out and sharing information using “The Cloud” of worldwide SAAS (software as a service) applications and databases that change content every second.  So much for Encyclopedia Britannica sitting on your book shelf. 

That’s B O O K  S H E L F, flat board like things protruding from your walls, usually made of wood, that hold physical, hard-bound or paperback—BOOKS.  Just picture a stand beneath your wall mounted flat screen TV with no electronics and you get the picture.  The key question is, just How Does Social Media Help Small Business?

Interview with Ira Wolfe

In my Video Interview with Ira Wolfe of Success Performance Solutions, Ira shared a wagon load of information on the changing face of business, who’s really in control in the marketplace, adopting Social Media as a strategy, and the Holy Grail of the 4 C’s of SEM.  Part 1 of the Skype interview takes a look at the history and changes that have taken place in marketing, including the 180 degree change in control that’s occurred with the coming of Internet choices and the Social Media Impact on Business that has place the power in the hands of the consumer.

Not Your Father’s Business Marketing

Remember the days when large corporations “push-marketed” their wares onto society? 

You can have any Ford Model T you want, as long as it’s black. 

Companies had some ideas, did some vague version of market testing, and unleashed their campaigns upon an unsuspecting public with limited TV, radio and print options.  Read More…

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