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Becoming a Business Chameleon: Adapting to Change Before It Happens

image courtesy Predator, 20th Century Fox

We all remember in science class as kids the theory of Darwinian Evolution: survival of the fittest, or more simply, adapt or die.  Unfortunately, the fear of impending death is usually the case for action for adapting in modern business as well.  That’s what makes it so tough to reinvent business—when the pressure is on with the figurative gun to the head of the chief executive.  But what if you could adapt to change or anticipate the need for it before the hammer was cocked, before the competition?  You’d become a business chameleon, protected for self-preservation and dangerous to competitors, hitting them before they see you.  Heck, you’d be the business Predator. Read More…

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The Small Business Osama bin Laden: What’s Your Target Strategic Threat?

Small Business owners have thousands of issues to deal with each year, to the point where it is overwhelming to prioritize and focus upon the main thing, that Pareto 20% of stuff that will make 80% of the difference to you.  Business owners can profit by identifying their key target strategic threat and designing a game plan to find where it is hiding, contain it and if possible, snuff it out. Read More…

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