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Customer Service Starts on the Phone: Telephone Training for Customer Service

“Hello!  Is anyone there?  Hello!”

“CCRRRSSSHHHH…ur order please.”

“Yeah, I’ll have the two cheeseburgers value meal , Dr. Pepper, no super size.”

(long pause)  “CCRRRSSSHHHH…thirty eight.  Please drive arou…”


“CCRRRSSSHHHH…thirty eight.  Next window plea…CCRRRSSSHHHH”

Although I was at a McDonalds, I could have sworn that clown head from Jack-In-The-Box was laughing at me.  This fast food drive-through experience may be familiar to you too.  Did you feel like an important cog in that establishment’s machine, or like a nameless, faceless number?  If you said the latter, you’re in good company.  I’ve got another question for you.  How would you like your customers and prospects to feel that way when they call your company?

Well, you know what?  In many companies, telephone answering skills are clearly lacking among those people paid to—you guessed it—speak to customers on the phone.  Many have never taken any formal telephone training for Customer Service.  Read More…

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