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Content Creation for Small Business Web Video

web video content, small business video, video content creationWe small business owners by now have come to realize the power of web video to promote their business and establish higher Google Page Rank (PR) and positioning.  Yet we don’t want to carelessly put trashy videos on our websites, our social media profiles, or our video sites.  Bad video won’t continue to rank high or help your site as much as it could if people are watching it and taking action on it.  This article will cover two main categories of small business video– Promotional and Instructional,  and the kinds of things you want to cover in your content creation for videos, or any other media you are using to communicate with the world. Get your small business videos up, get them watched, and get them producing results! Read More…

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YouTube Marketing for Small Business Buzz

All small businesses today require an online presence if they are going to survive on anything but walk in business, and event then, web presence is a defining proof source of the business legitimacy.  Those who want to expand their businesses online also know that video of any kind is generally a good thing for web pages.  It promotes stickiness or longer view time on site, provides value and entertains the viewer if it’s at all good, and is absolutely loved by the search engines online–Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the niche engines. Read More…

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Smart Company Growth CEO Karl Walinskas Featured in Inc. Magazine

This is the shortest blog post you’ll ever see and it is shamelessly self-promotional.

Check out my interview with Inc. Magazine on using Video Interviews to screen job candidates, with tips for both candidates and hiring authorities on money saving, preparation, and execution.

Oh yeah, there are some other experts quoted too :-)

I told you it would be short.

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Better Web Video Promotion for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, if you’ve developed a website and have tried to promote it, you are well aware that a static website, affectionately known as online brochureware, not only doesn’t do much to produce leads, interest or sales for your business, it will now actually damage your credibility.  Without change and some take away value, you may be better served not having a homepage.  Content is king–useful, attractive, dynamic content.  Web video for you site is a fantastic way to provide dynamic content for your site and promote your business.  You need to do it the right way so that people will watch it and relate to you once at your URL. Read More…

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