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Repurposing Content: Leveraging Your Ideas, Copy & Media to Grow Your Business

Content marketing is one critical way that you can expand your online bulls eye on the Internet through your website and social media properties.  If you’ve kept pace with what Google is looking for, you know that it is fresh, meaningful content to provide the best possible results for information seekers.  If you’ve been blogging or using some other kind of media to bring your content to life, you also know how tough it can be to “create” content from thin air.  Writer’s block doesn’t begin to capture the challenge in an online world where business owners need to be producing more great information several times a week if not daily in order to keep relevant.  Keep reading to learn to leverage the great material you do have and repurpose it through packaging, media formats, and outlets to expand your reach and develop more business leads than ever. Read More…

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Video Marketing–Sizzle or Steak? Depends on the Video Type

video marketing, video content, video length, video qualityIf you’ve been reading my posts on web video and video marketing, you know that there are a lot of factors to consider when using video to promote your website, social media profile, and services at large.  You may have read this post on The Elite 8 about the best types of video promotion for small business.  This post will quickly take a look at the key things relative to video technical quality, video content and video length you need to know. Read More…

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Web Video Formats: Pros and Cons for Your Video Marketing

web video marketing, video marketing, Youtube video marketingOK, so you’ve decided that getting some web video on your site and social media profiles is a great idea to make you more appealing to prospects and put your SEO (search engine optimization) on HGH.  You realize that video marketing is a key part of your overall search engine marketing and social media strategy.  Bully for you!  Now on to the tech stuff.  Video formats can be overwhelming and vary depending on the equipment the video was shot with, the type of computer you use, and the final destination where you want to host and serve up your on-demand video as part of your video marketing plan.

So which is best for you? Read More…

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The 8 Best Types of Video Promotion for Small Business

There are umpteen ways to use video for business, ranging from sophisticated, high-priced ad campaign commercials to complex landing page pieces designed to pull someone into a sale.  What are the best types of video for Small Business owners that can be produced economically and published rapidly and generate leads?  Here are the Elite Eight. Read More…

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Navigating the Confusion of Internet Marketing for Small Business

Marketing a small business over the internet is the Wild, Wild West.  Too many options, too little time, and it all sounds like it will work, right?  Here’s a way to muddle through the confusion and maintain your sanity while seeing results in online marketing strategy. Read More…

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YouTube Marketing for Small Business Buzz

All small businesses today require an online presence if they are going to survive on anything but walk in business, and event then, web presence is a defining proof source of the business legitimacy.  Those who want to expand their businesses online also know that video of any kind is generally a good thing for web pages.  It promotes stickiness or longer view time on site, provides value and entertains the viewer if it’s at all good, and is absolutely loved by the search engines online–Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the niche engines. Read More…

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