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Leaving Voicemail Messages That Get Returned

Harken back to years ago when I picked up a wireless communicator, or was it a cellular phone?  Maybe the better term is digital applications device these days.  I was late to the party and, swear to God, didn’t get my first one until the mid-90s.  Stop laughing!  Just because I tell you about communications doesn’t mean that I have to use all the accoutrements of the trade.  Einstein never used a Palm Pilot, so there!

So as I’m sitting in a four-hour delay in the Pittsburgh Airport, gate A-4, I look up and see a weird site.  About 70% of all the people walking in my field of vision have a similar device stuck to the side of their heads, talking into it, listening, nodding.  It was surreal.  One dude sits down next to me and is listening intently without speaking.  Every now and then he reaches up and touches a button on the phone, then listens some more.  After 5 minutes, he finishes and my curiosity takes over.

“So who were you talking to?”, I inquire.

Politely, although looking at me like I was a three-headed Ghydra who just fell off the turnip truck, he replies, “I wasn’t talking to anyone—just checking my voicemail.”

“Lots of messages, huh,” came my witty retort.

“About 10.  I’ll only return two of them.”

One of those cartoon dialogue balloons that means I was thinking appeared over my head with “A-HAH!” in all caps.  A communications challenge on the horizon.

You see, folks, the more technology we introduce to help us communicate, the less we actually communicate.  Read More…

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