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Small Business SEO: 4 Steps to Avoid the Black Hat Label

blackhat SEO tactics, stop blackhat SEOEntrepreneurs and business owners with a limited budget and limited patience for results can find themselves in a real pickle.  If you ever priced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services then you know that the investment required runs the gamut from a few hundred bucks to thousands per month.  Genuine SEO takes patience, and Google is intelligent enough to seek and destroy, so to speak, tactics like abnormal link building (thousands of links per day, for instance) and either punish you with the G-slap for it and maybe even ban your site entirely from search results. Read More…

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How To Get Through A Google Algorithm Change

This is a guest post on the Smart Blog for Small Business.

Google has modified their methods and it has a few seo firms scurrying. Web pages most affected were described as as link farms and content farms.  These types of internet sites do nothing but develop website links for adsense online marketers or for Search engine optimization purposes (directories), or provide one way links regardless of the value of the content published. But, the Google shuffle is not only about content and link farms.  Google like everyone else is getting tired of low quality internet sites showing up high in the search engine results pages. Read More…

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