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How to Use Technology to Improve Workforce Management

Workforce Management, Workforce Management technologyOne of the most important areas of running a company regardless of its size is workforce management. You may not have consciously made the decision to undertake this task, but it is almost certain that you have done so without even realizing it! Thanks to the latest in technological advances, it is now easier than ever before to handle this part of your day to day operations.

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce management actually covers everything related to maintaining a workforce which runs smoothly. Introducing technology to the process can mean anything from supplying additional equipment to improve employee productivity to using software to monitor performance records and training requirements. This may sound complicated, but adding technology into your current workforce management strategy may just be easier than you think.

Introducing Software To Monitor Human Resources

One of the easiest places to implement new technology is in your HR department. The majority of companies already make use of at least a very basic form of HR software to track employee performance including disciplinary records, attendance records, performance reviews and holiday entitlement among other things.

If you upgrade to a more sophisticated, dedicated workforce management software package you will be able to streamline the way you monitor these aspects of your staff within the HR department. To be effective, an HR department must be able to monitor employees very closely and using software to do so is more efficient and more accurate.

Going Mobile With Your Workforce Management

One of the fastest growing technologies today is the mobile communications industry. With an increasing number of employees working remotely from virtual offices, many companies are turning to mobile apps and other mobile technology to take care of their day to day business operations. Smartphones are more than just a cell phone – they are closer to PCs that fit in your pocket or briefcase!

Mobile technology can be implemented into your workforce management strategy and can go a long way to improving the productivity of your remote workforce. When your employees are in the field it can create unnecessary delays if reports must wait until they return to base. However, with the use of mobile technology, employees can send live reports from the field allowing instant updates no matter where they are.  This can also have a knock on effect on other areas such as reducing paperwork, lowering maintenance costs and reducing travel time. All of these contribute to a more productive and more cost effective workforce.

The number of tasks that can be improved by mobile technology is seemingly endless. Even something as simple as staff scheduling can be streamlined using mobile technology and the appropriate workforce management software. Schedules can be created in the office and then all field staff can access them from a mobile device in order to confirm when they are scheduled to work. Alternatively, mobile technology can be used to allocate tasks to staff and monitor their GPS locations to allow for the most efficient use of the workforce.

Dealing With Seasonal Fluctuations

Technology is making it easier than ever before to implement effective workforce management and this can bring a long list of benefits to the company aside from those mentioned above. One of the key areas which most businesses find workplace management can help with at this time of year is coping with fluctuations in demand on a seasonal basis.

Many companies find that in the summer months they experience a spike in demand for their product, but this often ends up happening during the period in which the majority of employees wish to use their vacation time to match up with the school summer break. Other companies see the reverse happening with production slowing down leaving them over staffed. These are issues which can be resolved and/or avoided by implementing workforce management – for example, going back to the use of human resources software to implement annualised hours for employees.

There are an increasing number of ways in which technology can be introduce to your workforce management strategy in order to make things run more smoothly. Whether you are looking for a more efficient way to track HR records, or a way to improve home you manage your remote workforce you will find that technology could very well be the answer.

About the Author

Stefan Loewer is a freelance writer and business consultant. He writes on a range of business related topics, but feels that workforce management is an especially important aspect of any business.

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