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3 Apps to Download Before Your Next Business Trip

mobile apps, travel appsFor small business owners, there’s nothing like taking a business trip to try to acquire new clients. It’s exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. As you fly to your destination, you have high hopes about how much more your business is going to grow. You’re flying because an opportunity is on the horizon, and many more are probably on their way.

Once the plane lands, it’s time to get your head out of the clouds. After all, you can’t abandon all of your regular, everyday responsibilities as a business owner just because you’re traveling. You have to stay productive, and doing so is particularly challenging when you’re thousands of miles away from your office. Lucky for you, there are a number of apps available that will help you save time and stay industrious on your business trip.

Here are some of them:

Evernote– This is a popular note-taking app that lets you do way more than take notes. You can use Evernote to capture screenshots of websites, store pictures, access saved files and web clips, and even keep your travel itinerary and scanned travel-related documents in one place. Plus, you can access your Evernote files from many devices, and you can share them with your employees and colleagues. If you want to organize your life and keep track of all the information and web resources you want to remember, Evernote is an incredible tool. Evernote has a desktop version and is also available for Apple and Android devices.

HipmunkThis is an app that works with Android smartphones and iPhones. You can use it to easily search for flight prices, flight lengths, and hotels. If you want to book a flight that will get you from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, or find a highly rated hotel, you should definitely check out Hipmunk. Wasting time at the airport and on a flight that makes multiple stops is not conducive to productivity. Hipmunk allows you to easily identify a flight that will cost you the least amount of time.

On a related note, you may also want to consider some of your alternatives to flying on a regular plane. No matter how great your flight on an airplane seems like it’s going to be, it’s never going to be as time-efficient and comfortable as flying on a jet charter, which cuts out the wait time associated with flying almost entirely. Many small business owners opt to fly on jet charters because they know doing so saves them time.

Remote Desktop Connection Apps – You should consider downloading a remote desktop connection app that allows you to access all of the content and files on the computers you own from your phone or your tablet. LogMeIn is probably the best and most popular remote desktop app for iPhones, and PhoneMyPC is the one of the highest rated remote desktop connection apps for Android. Don’t travel without one of these apps. If you forget an important file on your office computer, a remote desktop connection app can truly save the day.

So, become a more efficient and productive business traveler with the right apps and enjoy your travels!

About the Author: Logan is a guest blogger who writes about things like global business expansion, staying productive, and jet charter flights that make traveling a breeze.

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  1. Alexia M April 16, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

    I agree completely that the challenge of staying productive and organized while away from the office can be complicated. Using apps that support my endeavor really make a huge difference in how successful I am. When I am on a work related business trip for Dish, I find evernote and hipmunk to be useful in completely the success I am looking for. These organizational tools are fantastic but sometimes the unforeseen can happen and there is nothing I can do about a missed connection. That is when I use my dish remote access app, which connects me to my programming and DVR content so I can relax and distract myself from the situation. Having the right apps definitely makes me a more efficient and productive traveler in many ways.

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