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The Cost Effective Way to Increase Sales Performance

Today the performance of your sales team is more important than in any time in recent memory regarding providing your small business a competitive advantage.  Current technologies have even rendered sales people in some industries obsolete or at least on the endangered species list.  If your sales team is comparable to the real estate agent that simply shows properties that the buyer is already mentally committed to purchase, then there may be easier routes for you to take, including firing your sales team!  However, if your sales team is integral to the overall sale, provides consultative value that differentiates your competitive advantage in the marketplace, and establishes the rapport needed for long term, repeat sales success, then you want them firing on all cylinders.

You have a couple of choices to raise the game of your salespeople:

  1. Continue to manage them yourself. You’ve got nothing better to do as a business owner.
  2. Stick with the current Sales Manager you have.
  3. Hire a New Sales Manager.
  4. Outsource your Sales Management function.

Consider the following before you decide, taken from Salary.com data in 2011…

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And if your Sales Manager is getting the job done and the company is hitting its sales numbers, you should be willing to pay that much and more.  If not, well….

Your Smart Company Growth Virtual Sales Manager

Smart Company Growth can help you establish the correct metrics for Inside, Remote or Outside Sales Reps: initial activity quotas for new hires, mature activity quotas, closing ratios, and a system of accountability to those targets.  That in and of itself is a deliverable, but we’ll also provide remote or virtual sales management duties, at least in the interim until one of your key staff is up to speed on the metrics and accountability system.  In addition, virtual consultative sales training using the Selling Solutions methods and practices are available for every member of your team.

For Remote Sales Reps, Smart Company Growth will also provide an analysis of the internal delivery function to increase your odds for salesperson success.  For Channel Partners / Outside Sales Reps, set up achievable yet profitable territory or vertical market goals, arranging for and providing product and closing training as needed.

CEO Karl Walinskas has spent more than 2 decades in industry selling technology and systems.  He’s developed the Selling Solutions consultative sales training program and managed both new and seasoned Sales Professionals to hi-performance outcomes.

Smart Company Growth Sales Management services will be quoted and presented in a Profit Improvement Proposal that is tailored to your company’s individual needs.

“Karl has strong, consultative sales and negotiation skills that he not only demonstrates but teaches to those around him. …one of the keys to his success is his strength as a leader and his ability to “coach up” company employees and raise their game to another level.”

“Bottom Line: if your company seeks strong leadership in Sales or Operations, it pays to give Mr. Walinskas (& Smart Company Growth) a look.”

Thomas Beane, President, Beane Associates, Inc.