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Business Lessons from Iraq: the Consequence of Disengaging

business lessons from Iraq

As of June 2014, the current situation in Iraq is spiraling out of control.  A new, spin-off terrorist faction called ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is committing atrocities and taking ground in north-central Iraq and moving southward towardRead more

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How to Get to First Base with the C-Suite

selling to the c-suite

Complex, large B2B sales mean you’re selling to the C-Suite. Making that happen requires the right way to connect, leverage, & advance with the CXO & the firm. Continue reading

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How to Double Your Sales Wins Before Your First Call

double your sales wins, sales call plan

Most salespeople are only winning half the sales they could be, dooming themselves before the first sales call. Great call plans double your advances and wins. Continue reading

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Moving the Sales needle for emerging technology companies!

You have a great product or service.  Now what?

It goes without saying that your stuff is top shelf.  Your new technology solves specific problems for your target customers, maybe even revolutionizes the way they do business or live every day.

So how do you package that message and get it delivered to enough of the right people, effectively and affordably, so that your top line sales numbers grow and accelerate, exceeding targets, providing life-sustaining cash flow, and getting to the tipping point where business begins to come at you?

Typical Early Stage Challenges

  • The company website is not engaging visitors to take action.  I know I can generate more sales and leads, but how?
  • We need more appointments for more presentations and more ultimate closes.
  • Existing accounts have flattened out and referral business is down.
  • Our current sales team lacks hunters to develop new business.
  • We give up margins routinely in sales negotiations in order to get business.  Does this happen to everybody?
  • We don’t know how to use Social Media to drive sales opportunities or where to get started.
  • My cash flow is more like a trickle these days.

Grow Your Business Smart Without Breaking the Bank

You’re not alone if we’ve just described you.  Current small business may be making ends meet but isn’t thriving like it should.  Wouldn’t it be terrific to uncover new sources of leads, stand apart from your competitors and grow your company without ballooning your costs?

Smart Company Growth is a unique, virtual business growth consulting firm that will help you…

  • Create a compelling competitive advantage that attracts business
  • Drive new business opportunities and presentations
  • Form and manage your Sales Team for higher levels of sustained performance
  • Capitalize on the awesome SEO and relationship power of video and rich media
  • Get business pros finding your entire executive team on LinkedIn and other social media


“Karl has demonstrated a professionalism in negotiation with results that made both of us feel like winners. His unique background of sales, management, engineering and procurement has created a very adaptable and successful executive.

I can think specifically of several occasions where he approached a situation or the market with the motivation of helping (his client) first, but also trying to keep us successful. One incident involved an edge quality problem where the material was rejected at Cambridge-an entire truckload. Karl worked with us to segregate that material to be used for certain types of end product only, a conditional acceptance, and in return negotiated a sizable discount for his (client). For Rolled Metal Products, we could not return or rework the material, so this would have been a total loss of about $60,000.”

Kenneth Agema, General Manager, Rolled Metal Products, Inc.

“Mr. Walinskas performed a manufacturing feasibility analysis for an injection molded heating element. This project was of critical importance to our company. It led to a patent being awarded by the U.S. Patent Office and ultimately to the acquisition of our business by another corporation. Mr. Walinskas’ contribution was instrumental in these events.”

John Lloyd, President & CEO, MANTEC (fmr. General Manager, Encon)

“With over 800 employees in our printing facility…our survival has been, and will be, dependent upon our abilities to change and continue to meet the requirements our customers and competitors put upon us. Karl was a key player in many organizational development programs at OPM. His understanding of our environment, processes, and customer requirements were instrumental in the successful implementation of key initiatives. …would be a tremendous asset for any organization to consider for a lead role in the ongoing developments of their particular business …well seasoned and especially suited for manufacturing operations.”

Joseph Makarewicsz, Executive Vice President, Offset Paperback Manufacturers, Inc. (Bertelsmann)

“I can think specifically of several occasions where he approached a situation or the market with the motivation of helping (his client) first, but also trying to keep us successful. One incident involved an edge quality problem where the material was rejected at Cambridge-an entire truckload. Karl worked with us to segregate that material to be used for certain types of end product only, a conditional acceptance, and in return negotiated a sizable discount for his (client). For Rolled Metal Products, we could not return or rework the material, so this would have been a total loss of about $60,000.”

Kenneth Agema, General Manager, Rolled Metal Products, Inc.

“One of the main things we did with (Karl’s client) was to set up a VMI, or Vendor Managed Inventory, program, where Precision Metals would hold off site material on contract and release it to Cambridge as needed. Karl and his team fine tuned this process so that they only kept 4 days of buffer stock on hand inside their walls, while we held months of VMI of stainless wire in Philadelphia for them. I believe setting up these programs reduced (his client’s) inventory by about $3-4 million dollars over a period of about 9 months. We were happy to hold that inventory knowing they were good for it and it gave us predictability.”

Raymond Coniglio, Vice President of Operations, Precision Metals

“Karl led an Activity Based Costing project, wherein he designed and implemented an ABC system at Cornell. He was able to successfully collaborate with all levels of employees, while developing a clear understanding of our needs.”

Andrew Cornell, CEO, Cornell Iron Works, Inc.

“Karl has strong, consultative sales and negotiation skills that he not only demonstrates but teaches to those around him. …one of the keys to his success is his strength as a leader and his ability to “coach up” company employees and raise their game to another level.

Bottom Line: if your company seeks strong leadership in Sales or Operations, it pays to give Mr. Walinskas (& Smart Company Growth) a look.”

Thomas Beane, President, Beane Associates, Inc. (business partner)

“One night I met up with Karl during a trade show in Las Vegas for dinner, where we collectively were trying to get a deal going with a Chinese group. There was an interpreter present and the whole thing went on for about four hours. I was impressed the way Karl sought to understand their business first under these circumstances. He got to the bottom of some minor misunderstandings that were beneath the surface, and presented a professional edge for our team while still being able to hold…a hard line on issues that we did not want to compromise. As a result this sale (lots of zeros on the numbers) went on to the next process without incident.”

Herb Hutchison, Director, International Business Development, Cincinnati Milacron, Inc.

“I never expected the financing company (Karl) to source replacement equipment and negotiate pricing on my behalf when the original vendor that I was doing business with didn’t meet commitments. Above and beyond! I have better equipment, warranted with service, at a much better value! I will only be making one call when I need more business equipment in the future.”

Dr. Quang Pham, QVision, Inc., Owner

“Whenever we wanted to develop a new consulting offering for our manufacturing clients, I knew Karl was an excellent person to turn to. He generated sales in the tens of thousands of dollars for first-time deliveries like Activity-Based Costing systems, plant-wide Human Resource assessments, and an innovative concept called the Shared-Use Engineer program. He authored our company strategic plan…and began and headed up NEPIRC’s Business Development department. The latter has increased organizational sales by 30% during the last two years. I highly recommend Karl (Smart Company Growth)…to any company destined for growth and pursuing it seriously.”

William Desciak, Executive Director, NEPIRC

“Karl is a detail and objective oriented professional. I had the opportunity to work with him on both materials related and process improvement projects, and found him to be thorough in leading the projects and supportive in keeping them on task to completion.”

Douglas Nolan, Project Manager, Cambridge Architectural

“Karl was a great provider of service to our company, we needed leasing for some new construction equipment and he was very responsive and attentive to our needs. His attentiveness to our needs helped us tremendously in acquiring our new equipment and helping us complete a project that was very profitable for our company.”

Arthur Boykin, CEO, Sirrus Systems, Inc.

“Another point of note was that Karl was strategic about the market. Depending on the price of Nickel (drives stainless prices to a great degree) they would source overseas material, with 12 week delivery times, for quantities up to six months and as little as a month. This allowed (his client) to capitalize on the wildly moving price of Ni or at least not get hurt by it. Those guys always seemed to guess right on the trends. I don’t know the numbers, but I know that this practice kept (the client) competitive with high margins during the recent recession.”

Raymond Coniglio, Vice President of Operations, Precision Metals

“Karl Walinskas offers fast, easy, convenient, and completely virtual Skype interviews which can be placed on a website, blog and YouTube. He is an extremely professional interviewer, delivering well prepared, cyber space interviews resulting in a professional Skype recording which can be utilized for a variety of marketing purposes. For authors wishing to extend their reach and increase their web based content, I’d strongly recommend a web interview with Smart Company Growth.”

Alan Blume, CEO, StartUpSelling, Inc.

“I did an Executive Video Interview with Smart Company Growth to talk about my marketing agency and its uniqueness. The process was simple, affordable, and professionally done in a business casual setting, not scripted and phony. Now I have an authentic video that I am marketing virally. Karl even helped me put it up on my LinkedIn page to optimize it, something else that his company does very well. I encourage any marketer out there to tap into the search engine optimization of adding video. I am telling all of my clients about this great way to put a personality to a company. And I really like Karl’s natural and honest style as the interviewer. After all at the end of the day people do business with people.”

Adair Witmer, Principal, The W-Partners

“My company was in the process of launching and marketing a new online video product to our corporate clients. We were struggling with our differentiator in the marketplace….Karl asked the tough questions from a potential customer’s perspective, and made me think about positioning and marketing the product differently than I had before….also extremely helpful in helping us think about a pricing model that would be easy for customers to understand….I was able to bring the information back to my team, which in turn informed how we marketed the product, helped us narrow our customer prospect field, and build different levels of entry and pricing.
When I heard about the concept of Virtual-Mastermind I knew the idea would be a winner with Karl facilitating and coaching the groups. A perfect match for firms looking to leverage the mastermind concept like I’ve done during my career.”

Jennifer Cortner, VP Account Services, Discovery Network

“Karl and I collaborated as Executive Mastermind peers in Vistage International for several years….Karl’s expertise proved to be invaluable on more than one challenge that I had…but one challenge in particular stands out. As we began a more focused approach to some of our managed services offerings, there was a lack of group consensus on a particular topic. Karl had encountered a similar obstacle at his then company O.A. Newton and offered suggestions on how to get management to gain agreement. Using his suggestions as a guideline and with some additional focus on the issue internally we were get past the obstacle and move ahead with our managed services rollout. Karl was always a significant contributing leader within our group and one of the first to offer solutions to the toughest challenges. Contact me on LinkedIn if you need more.”

Dan Abernathy, VP of Sales and Marketing, Microautomation

“Karl is a straight-talking, no-nonsense leader who has both the business acumen and people skills to help companies in the midst of change. One of the many reasons Karl is successful is his ability to relate with all types of people within an organization from the employees on the factory floor to the C-Suite. Often during our Vistage meetings Karl would distill a highly complex business issue down to a few distinct bullet points and a succinct solution, it got us past the distracting minutia, and helped us focus on what was truly important. I would highly recommend Karl to any organization that is looking for an assertive leader to drive them to the next level.”

Amy Leigh DeWulf, Key Executive Group Member, Vistage International

“Karl is an amazingly dynamic person who truly cares about making an impact in his work. As part of the same Vistage group, Karl was always bringing issues to the table to brainstorm new ways of doing business, increasing sales, or obtain new clients. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and knowledge not only in his field but in big ticket sales and business development, regardless of industry, which helped solve many challenging problems for other execs.”

Julie Householder, Director of Finance & Administration, Crucial Security, Inc.

“Karl and I met six years ago when we were referred and placed in the same Vistage Key Executive group. He is a natural leader with excellent communication skills. He would be an asset to any group looking for strong leadership in marketing and sales. Excellent analytical skills and ability for implementing growth strategies.”

Connie Otto, SVP Production, TMG

“My company was in the middle of a new product launch for a mobile learning device—the MLearnPad. …We ran into tech challenges with our connection, Skype being the medium it is.  My ISP in Canada was not producing a consistent upload speed and the video takes were suffering.  Karl ended up shooting the video 3 times to get the best product quality, ultimately delivering the goods when we had the best connection….

In the end we got a great video for promotion on-site and virally.  I really appreciated Karl’s professionalism and patience while designing the video, correcting the tech issues and finishing the issue until I was delighted with the results. He’s a solid interviewer and even better business person to deal with.”

J Ben Benjamin, Managing Director, MLearnPad, Inc.  - http://www.mlearnpad.com

“I would recommend Karl and his work highly. I often run under tight timelines and need help from qualified experts at times. I consider myself to be knowledgeable with the LinkedIn ecosystem, but after spending time researching Karl’s background, it was obvious we needed better advice for our project.

He was great at identifying our niche, product and service offering and quickly built our business profile page around our content and approach.  Karl exceeded our expectations and was great to work with. As we build our business, LinkedIn is a primary too to do so. With Karl’s expertise, we feel confident we’ll be ahead of the curve. Thank you Karl!”

Steve Smith, President, EquipmentFX  - http://www.equipmentfx.com/

“I had the privilege of working with Karl in years past. When I first met Karl, I was struck by his breath of knowledge across many organizational disciplines. Although his focus at the time was on supply chain management, he showed an unparalled accumen for sales and marketing development as well.

Recently, I decided to scale up my own consulting business to the next level. However, I quickly realized that my knowledge and awareness of the creative strategies and tactics of online marketing were sorely lacking. The fix was easy – I contacted Karl. He provided innovative marketing techniques that optimized my online exposure. The results have been more than expected.”

Trace MacDougall, Owner, Lean Gray Matter

“Karl has an innate ability to work out strategies on the fly and create fantastic customer connections. He always ensures that customers, vendors, and coworkers are beyond satisfied and taken care of. His high level of skill and knowledge exceeds all expectations.”

Vaughn Ripley, Sr. Principal Consultant, Mythics Inc.  - http://www.mythics.com/

“Karl’s Video Interview service is a valuable tool entrepreneurs can use to communicate their message. He has put together an economical way to produce high-quality video content in a compelling video interview format.

What makes it work so well is Karl’s wide experience in many industries and areas of business. This experience gives him the insight to ask the right questions to bring a business story to life.”

To complete the package, Karl provides the technical expertise to make the process efficient, even enjoyable. The end result is a professional finished product in the format of a video interview that adds instant credibility.”

Jack Price, Professional Copywriter, PriceWrite Communications  - http://pricewrite.com/

“Karl helped us with business development at The Seva Group, and the first thing I noticed was how quickly Karl “got it” regarding our services and the industry, rapidly understanding our value in the marketplace. He’s a natural born (or made?) networker, re-connecting and pulling opportunities from some of our dormant and dead accounts, and establishing high-value business relationships in places we’d never been, both commercial and federal. For technology companies looking for a sales or sales leadership jump-start, I’d recommend Karl.”

Christopher Long, CEO, The Seva Group

“His high standards resulted in making our proposal process better, since we had to endeavor to meet those standards. I would highly recommend him to any one who asks.”

Walt Mitchell, President and CEO, Breakthrough Logistics Solutions, Inc.