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Smart Company Growth is a business that can expand or contract with service demand, and metamorphosize to serve the varying needs of modern small business.  The virtual model brings together in synergistic fashion the global experience of the Smart Company Growth’s CEO and founder, Karl Walinskas, with the dynamic and cutting edge skills of a team of best practice contractors.  These smart contract professionals leverage skills in…

  • Lead Generation & Appointment Setting
  • Sales & Sales Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Turnaround Management
  • Lean Process
  • Quality Management
  • Virtual Distance Strategy
  • Engineering Design
  • Project Management

…and a host of others as project needs dictate.

This virtual talent pool allows for a best-of-breed talent pool that customers can take advantage of on an as needed basis without the expensive overhead carry-thru of brick and mortar businesses, providing the most cost effective approach to solving business development or cost control business problems for small to mid-size B2B enterprises.  Smart Company Growth has also signed agreements for national sourcing of Capital Equipment Financing via a key strategic partner at Lease One, bringing companies ways to expand smart by preserving and reducing operating cash flows right out of the gate of working with us.

There is more to a Virtual Business Model than just the talent available.  The means of delivering service are also cutting edge, taking advantage of modern conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, using video conferencing via Skype, and sharing projects collaboratively.  Our clients don’t have to absorb the travel expense of Smart Company Growth consultants for many if not all aspects of projects.  This is not to say on-site talent is not available, as this is necessary to bridge Virtual Distance in certain project situations and relative to the scope of the project, such as our Shared Use Manufacturing Engineer program, where shop floor oversight and presence is a key aspect of design and delivery.

This best practice business model allows for clients to take advantage of world class talent, test it, refine it, and, if need be due to a downturn in business, abandon it without the expensive and often unnecessary costs of recruiting, hiring, providing benefits for, training, managing, and unfortunately oftentimes firing resident employees.