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Business Speed Dating: The Right Way to Prospect Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn speed dating, LinkedIn prospecting

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In my conversations with CEOs about white-collar business development, the topic of LinkedIn will invariably arise, with mixed opinions.  Some top executives tell me that their best salespeople use LinkedIn all the time to seek out and forge new relationships that convert into business.  Others think it is another social media waste of time and energy better spent knocking on doors.  So what is the truth?  Can your sales teams use LinkedIn for effective prospecting, and how? Read More…

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LinkedIn Easy PickUps: What Your Dad Warned You About

This one goes out to the fellas (anyone really).  Remember as a young buck growing up the advice old Dad used to give you?  If you were lucky enough (really?) to get the dating advice, you know that one of his pearls went something like this..

“Watch out son, for the ladies who don’t play hard to get and are too easy to [pick up, date, fill in your own father phrase].  They’re usually trouble and will cost you in the end.”

When it comes to social media, the easy pick up has its share of baggage too.  It can spell trouble, cost you more, or at a minimum have dwindling value.  Look no further than the white collar professional’s best networking friend, LinkedIn. Read More…

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LinkedIn Headlines – 5 Ways to Do It Right for Business

linkedin headlines, linkedin marketing, linkedin optimizationLinkedIn is an important social media marketing tool for small businesses, yet most people make abundant mistakes on their profile, starting with the Professional LinkedIn Headline.  Learn how to capitalize on this headline for better online visibility and improved pull-through into your profile for business leads, partnership opportunities and sales. Read More…

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7 Simple SEO Tips for People Like You

The following Guest Post is a nice 7-Step SEO outline for the average small business person…like you.

search engine optimization, SEO, SEO tipsSEO (search engine optimization) is often painted as something that is extremely difficult, with warnings about messing everything up if it’s done wrong. These are scare tactics in many cases – most people are perfectly capable of handling a little SEO on their own. You just need to be smart about what you’re doing and educate yourself before hand. Here are some great SEO tips to help anyone get started with their new campaign. Read More…

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How to Miss the Boat and Get Nothing Out of LinkedIn as a Social Media Platform

linkedin logoLinkedIn is a rapidly growing social media platform that caters more directly to business people than do Facebook or Twitter; particularly, business-to-business (B2B) opportunities.  You probably know that already.  Most of those folks are looking to succeed with LinkedIn marketing and generate new leads, business, or career opportunities.  What you may not know is how profoundly you can fail on LinkedIn as a super-busy entrepreneur or small business owner.  It’s easy!  Just follow these 10 easy steps. Read More…

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Navigating the Confusion of Internet Marketing for Small Business

Marketing a small business over the internet is the Wild, Wild West.  Too many options, too little time, and it all sounds like it will work, right?  Here’s a way to muddle through the confusion and maintain your sanity while seeing results in online marketing strategy. Read More…

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Business Strategy for Getting Superior Recommendations on LinkedIn

Many small business owners know that word-of-mouth marketing via social media and direct business referrals is extremely powerful to grow their businesses.   For small businesses and individuals in search of career change alike, LinkedIn can be one of your best sources of live recommendations.  You simply have to know the process. Read More…

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tip: Showcasing Website Links

If you’ve picked up my Free eBook on profile optimization for LinkedIn, you know there are a ton of things you can do to up your findability in LinkedIn.  The blue box that comes up when first viewing a profile is highlighted for a reason.  It’s designed to provide a snapshot of the person you’re looking at.  You likely already know how important status updates are to show LIFE and MOTION in your career as an interesting person, and you may have learned the tricks on your Current and Past job titles as well.  This post is specific to the website links that LinkedIn allows you to put on your profile. Read More…

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How Small Business Can Capitalize on Google’s Algorithm Change

In February 2011, Google made big news on the Internet by publishing an algorithm change for search engine relevancy.  By and large this was designed to punish duplicate content farms that re-purpose the same written content over and over in different forms.  I’ve seen plenty of panicked content online about what this means to e-marketers and website developers, but little in the way of how small business owners can capitalize on the Google algorithm change.  This post is for you. Read More…

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Using LinkedIn Polls to Connect with Business

LinkedIn has gone beyond simply being a place for wannabe unemployed dudes to hang out waiting for the next big break.  It’s a way for business professionals to hang out and engage like-minded others and find the people out there who demonstrate expertise in their niches on a daily basis.

Peoples’ opinions make for good content.  If you read my eBook LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Maximum Exposure, you know that in the chapter on Applications I mention polls on LinkedIn but didn’t have a lot of detail to go with it.  Here is a bit more on LinkedIn polls and how to use them. Read More…

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