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Getting on Google Page 1

Google likes web video on sites. Google likes web video better than pictures and text alone.

Creative use of web video enhances your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking for no other reason than having it. There are many tips and techniques necessary for your website video to SEO high against other videos.

I can show you multiple screenshots, but I got a client SmartVu Executive Video Interview and blog post combo package place #2 of 87 million returns on Google for his key phrase, second only to listing for his book. This was 1 week after I wrote the blog and created, edited, and submitted the video to search.

It goes beyond that however. Website video makes your site more attractive, more sticky, more interesting to those on it. If you can get a valuable message across in video, people who see that video player on the page will almost always click on that before reading. We’ve become a media rich culture and that is what people expect from your business too.

Most Websites All Look Alike!

So how do you achieve a competitive advantage against all those other companies vying for your customers (even if they don’t know it yet). One answer is website video marketing.

Website video is growing in popularity because it is easy and cheap to be your own producer with a webcam or handheld camcorder.  Online bandwidths can accommodate long video streams where they couldn’t just a few short years ago, and hosting sites like the ever popular YouTube and Vimeo mean that the web video can be stored on their servers and all you need to do is embed it in your website.  The following graphic courtesy of Shane Snow (How Web Video SEO is Finally Coming of Age,, February 2010) provides illustration of the popularity of online web video.

YouTube video statistics, daily YouTube Videos, Yearly YouTube Videos

Just like having a site itself, it is quickly getting to the point that if you DON”T have video on your site, you’re irrelevant as a business.

The beauty of it is, most small business websites do NOT have website video yet. Heck, most small businesses don’t have a blog that they publish for their subscribers/viewers. The main reason is simple. It isn’t necessarily lack of knowledge, although that can play a part, it is lack of resources to focus on such a key marketing activity as web video that keeps small business owners out of the game.

A well constructed and edited website video (or three) for your company that speaks to your viewers about your uniqueness, your value proposition, new products and services, or has take away value right now will set your business apart. It is the best way to capitalize on Youtube for business.

Get Your SmartVu Video Interview Now

SmartVu: The Next Best Thing to a CNN Interview

You arrive inside the CNN studio to be interviewed for broadcast. The klieg lights come on, and the cameras begin to roll. The microphones are “live.” You dazzle the interviewer with one insightful answer after another. Minutes later, the completed interview hits the airways, where a worldwide audience of millions learns your story. Instant fame!

It’s a nice fantasy. Maybe someday it will come true.

Choose Your Audience Carefully

Here’s the thing. Unless you’re the Coca-Cola Company or an emerging movie star, you probably don’t need an audience of millions. A few hundred or a few thousand in your target market can be enough.

A SmartVu video interview enables you to pinpoint your audience with a laser-focused marketing message designed just for them.
You are interviewed by an experienced entrepreneur, who understands what works best for online videos audiences.
The SmartVu process takes you from zero-to-video interview, all for an incredibly small commitment of time and money.

The Right Format Is Critical to Success

Today’s recording technology puts a “talking head” video within reach of almost anyone. But creating an engaging video that boosts your credibility is not as easy as it looks.

An experienced interviewer helps establish the right mood, so the viewer feels entertained, enlightened, and educated.

A good interviewer provides “third-party credibility”, so viewers can absorb your message in a less-critical mode.
The interviewer maintains the pace, so you don’t have to carry the entire burden of the unblinking camera eye alone.
Your interviewer is friendly and 100-percent committed to presenting your story in the best possible light

Get Your SmartVu Video Interview Now

SmartVu Video Interview Samples

SmartVu Interview with Karl Walinskas SmartVu Video Interview Hi-Definition SmartVu Video Interview Medium Definition SmartVu Video Interview Testimonial SmartVu Video Interview Testimonial

The Problem with Content Development

Entrepreneurs often find that they need the help of an outsider to develop high-quality content. It’s not that they don’t know their subject. In fact, they know it too well.

An objective content developer crafts your message in bite-size portions that are easy for the average viewer to digest.

He can also steer you away from the too-deep level of detail that can be discouraging to viewers and increase your “bounce” rate.

SmartVu video interviews include expert content development, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
We craft your content using the language of your target market, for maximum comprehension and acceptance.
Our question-and-answer format makes it natural to ask clarifying follow ups, so the viewer doesn’t feel left behind.

A Journey Is Easier with a Guide

Even if you are tech-savvy, you can get sidetracked by the tiniest detail. Untangling these details can eat up your precious time—time better spent on your area of expertise.

Our SmartVu video interview provides you with:

Help generating the emotional connection, so viewers are fully engaged as they receive your message
Editing of the finished video interview, to ensure a professional look and consistent message
Your completed SmartVu video interview, installed on Youtube or hosting service.

Specialized Video Interview Formats

To get started, just select one of our SmartVu special formats for our most popular types of interviews, learn how we create compelling content for your video interview and Order Your Video today.

Business FAQ

The interviewer leads you through questions a customer might ask. This gives your prospects a preview of your process and helps him visualize himself as a client. Become famous to your ideal prospects!

Learn more . . .

Author Interview

The interviewer asks pertinent questions to pique interest in your book. Potential readers get a hint of the inspiration behind your book and get to meet the author up-close. Create fame one viewer at a time!

Learn more. . .

Executive Video Resume Interview

Your experience and qualifications are only part of your story. Our SmartVu format allows your people skills and persuasive ability to shine through. Bring your resume to life!

Learn more. . .

Press Release Interview

Announce your products, services, or technological breakthroughs and get prospects excited about your company. Announce a new hire. Promote your appearance at a tradeshow. Make news!

Learn more. . .


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